Get to know me

My name is Nerea Vázquez, teacher and founder of Egeria Lingua. I am passionate about travelling, teaching and languages as they open a window to other cultures, new places and their people.

This educational space takes its name from the historical figure Egeria, a traveller-writer of Galician origin who wrote the first travel book in the fourth century that is known in our country. I was struck not only by her story, full of detailed descriptions of the places she visited and the people she met on her long and tiring journey, but also by her brave, intrepid personality and, above all, curiousity.

I graduated in English Philology in Bilbao, my hometown. In 2003, I moved to Girona where I studied a postgraduate course in Teaching Spanish as a Second Language (L2) and started my experience in language teaching by giving literacy classes to women of Maghreb origin. In 2005, I moved to Italy where I lived for 14 years. There I taught Spanish in various educational centres and collaborated in different Language and Linguistics Study abroad. I also was an examiner of the oral tests and management of the written tests in the DELE exams held by the Cervantes Institute in the city of Bologna.

In June 2019, life brought me to Galicia where I decided to transfer my experience and undertake an idea that had always captivated me: to teach a language following the active methodology of learningby doing. This methodology immerses the student in an environment that simulates a real experience where they can learn a language in a natural way.

Our services are aimed at students of Spanish as a foreign language, at institutions that want to improve their educational options offer through recreational workshops in the Italian language or Education Study Abroad, and at people who want to learn a language through a communicative approach.

Egeria Lingua will accompany you in your learning by adapting to your needs and creating a motivating environment.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information and to ask for a free quote for the different courses offered.